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Choosing The Best Charlotte REALTOR®

Most people dream of being fortunate enough to be able to purchase a brand new home. However, with all the great anticipation and excitement comes a lot of responsibility. Not being able to understand everything that you should accomplish can be quite frustrating. That's precisely why you should be careful and make sure to choose a real estate agent that'll meet your standards and do a great job. And to do that, the best advice is to research how to go about searching and choosing a reliable and experienced agent.

Things To Do Before You Choose a Real Estate Agent

There are some things that you should get to before finding a real estate agent to help you with the next step.

Establish a Budget For Your New Home

One of the essential things about purchasing a house is figuring out how much it'll end up costing you. Your REALTOR® will be able to help guide you and navigate you in the right direction. Nonetheless, you need to have a frame of reference so that they have something to work with.

Put Together a Priority Checklist

During this whole process, there will be a lot of decisions for you to make. This could make things somewhat hectic, and people usually stress out under these circumstances. If you take the time to resolve most of these choices beforehand, everything will be much easier.

Have a Particular House in Mind

Be very clear with yourself about details involving your future home. Do you want a fixer-upper or a move-in-ready house? Would you like to have a family-friendly neighborhood? Are you set on purchasing a two-story home or not? These are all vital things that you should think through.

Search Out a Real Estate Agent Who Could Be a Great Fit

To choose real estate agents that'll be right for you, you need to put in a lot of effort. Here are some ways of getting the most out of this experience:

Referral From a Friend

If you have a close friend that's gone through the process of choosing a real estate agent in the recent past, that's one way to approach it. Only then will you be sure that you're getting a recommendation without any ulterior motive or other interests besides getting you the best service.

Do Your Research Online

Although the internet can be an unreliable source, it can also help greatly. If the real estate agent you're thinking of choosing has all positive reviews and seems to be a local favorite, that tells you a lot about them. Make sure to double-check everything. I'm a bit partial, but how about YouTube video testimonials from others, like these.

Be Picky and Go With Your Gut

Find a real estate agent by narrowing down your choices out of ones that seem eligible. It takes a bit more time, but it's the safest option.

Qualities To Look For in a REALTOR®

Here are some qualities that you should seek from your real estate agent:

Good Communication Skills

How they communicate with you will tell you all you need to know about their service. Being a real estate agent is impossible if you're an incompetent interlocutor (a person who takes part in a dialogue).


Ensuring that you can trust everyone on your team is essential if you're looking to purchase a home and have a pleasant experience behind you.

Strong Market Knowledge

Apart from some typical desirable traits in business, the real estate agent you choose needs to have strong market knowledge. This refers to anything from having excellent connections to the ability to have all the houses you'd potentially like in the palm of their hand.

Search For a Specific REALTOR® Rather Than Just a Firm

There's something to say about finding a good company first, but ultimately you're dealing with a person. More often than not, a good real estate agent works for or with a good real estate company. Teaming up with a reliable company and agent will allow you to access everything you need to choose the perfect real estate agent for you. Remember that real estate is a marketing game as much as anything. If an agent can't market themself properly, how can they market your home?

Moving To Your New Home

If you've managed to choose a real estate agent that's really excellent, they'll be able to connect you to other top-notch people. Getting your household taken care of is a necessity. Residential moving services can do this for you in no time. This will make it easier for you to focus on moving and adjusting to the new place.

First Time Buyer? How To Avoid Mistakes

Avoid making mistakes if you're doing this for the first time, by taking responsibility for your own decisions. No matter which real estate agent you choose, you still play a significant role in the home buying process. Although your real estate agent will be your advisor, they can't make you do anything. Be aware of what you want but take your time with the execution.

What About Your Own Cash Flow?

Once you choose a real estate agent, you'll need to tell them what your budget is. Make sure not to get too overwhelmed and spend more than you've planned. Speaking to your agent's preferred lender can empower you to your own purchasing power. Ask about different types of loan products. Tell them how long you might want to live in this home.

Making Assumptions

Home sellers are people as much as you are, whereas builders are often large corporations. This means that there is no one rule that can apply to a particular scenario and that anyone can make mistakes. Approach every home viewing experience as a new one and don’t take anything as a given. Consult your REALTOR® about anything that seems off or unusual. Make sure to ask as many questions as you want to ensure you get the answers you need.

Don't Rush but Don't Hesitate

No-one is saying that you should bargain and go overboard with trying to lower the price of the home you're going after. However, if you can strike a deal that's better than what was previously on the table, why not go for it? Make sure that you consult the real estate agent you've chosen about various negotiating strategies.

Follow Your Instincts and Listen to Your Heart

No matter how much information you soak in and how cautious you are, you need to follow your gut to choose a real estate agent correctly. This doesn't mean that you should be irresponsible. It merely means that you should trust yourself and combine instincts with data for the perfect result.

This blog post on "How to Choose a Real Estate Agent" was written by REALTOR® Roger Holloway of ProStead Realty & Betty White of State To State Move.

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